About Jim Rossignol

Jim Rossignol is an author, game designer, and publisher. He is one of the four founder members of the PC gaming site, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which began in 2007.

More recently he worked with the Big Robot team to create the dark comedy stealth and survival game, Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

Rossignol previously worked for PC Gamer, as well as writing for outlets such as the BBC, Wired, and Eurogamer.

This Gaming Life, a book studying the international significance of video games and gaming culture, was published by University Of Michigan Press in 2007. It’s still sort of relevant. Kinda.

Rossignol is also a make of ski and snowboarding equipment. But it has nothing to do with Jim, or this blog. So that’s a shame.

You can read truncated daily blather from Rossignol over on Twitter.

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